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How to pick the right bathroom accessories to suit your style?

Picking the right bathroom accessories can be a battle of wits for many. But thank God, today we are living in the digital age when you can buy kitchen and bathroom accessories online in India, from anywhere you are, including even your own bathroom.

After all, even the best plans tend to be chalked out well in a bathroom. If you’re not convinced on this, then here is an interesting story of a classical mathematician and physicist, called Archimedes. While bathing one fine day, he discovered a crucial principle in Physics. He was so elated at the discovery that he ran out of the bathroom without his clothes onto the streets, yelling, “Eureka, Eureka, I have found it.”

Like Archimedes, even you too can discover some idea one fine day if you have the right kind of kitchen and bathroom accessories. Remember, bathroom accessories play a key role in setting not only your own mood, and style, but also the mood, style, and the overall look of your own bathroom.

Tips On What You Need To Do

When you key in the words – Bathroom Accessories Online in India, in Google, you can be sure to find the best tips on what you need to do to buy the best bathroom accessories online in India. Like

Be Clear On What You Need

First and foremost, you need to be clear in your mind on what kind of bathroom accessories needs to be purchased that are in immediate need. There could be loads of bathroom accessories that needs to be purchased but then it all depends upon your budget and how much you can afford to pay for them at the same time.

Remember, there will be other things for which you need to set aside money and are of equal extreme importance as well. Hence, prepare a list of only those accessories that are urgently required and can be bought well within the budget.

Be Clear About Your Budget

Once you’re clear on what kind of accessories needs to be purchased and are immediately required, then you will be better prepared to craft a budget. Before you do that, work out on a piece of paper a rough figure of how much money needs to be set aside for the accessories that is immediately required.

With the rough figure you have on hand, you will be better prepared to craft a budget.

Having a proper budget will also give you a direction. You will also be clear on what bathroom accessories can be purchased well within your budget, and how much should be purchased. At the same time, you should not make too many compromises and find bathroom accessories that are within your budget but still of high-class quality AND also last long.

Focus On Quality Rather Than Brand

Many people often make the cardinal mistake of focusing more on the brand rather than quality, durability, and reliability of the bathroom accessories. Just because the brand is famous does not mean that the products will also be automatically of high quality. That is a wrong notion for even brands have been guilty of making products of dubious quality or made from dubious materials.

Likewise, there have been cases of little known entities that made great products of outstanding quality, durability, and reliability. History is full of such stories.

Another misconception that people have is if the product is priced high when compared to its rivals, it automatically must be of superb quality. That’s wrong for high price does not mean the product is better. Instead, there are a lot of products that are not much known but are cheaper and what more, of better quality and functionality.

So, think smart and act smart rather than be brand conscious. Look at the product, that is, bathroom accessory clearly and examine it carefully. This will give you an idea about how it is and how it can function and last. Then, make sure it suits your requirements precisely, and comes at an affordable price.

Match Accessories With Your Bathroom Style

Generally, bathroom accessories are designed to be a great addition to almost any kind of bathroom space or size. This is attributed to their neutral coloring and materials that usually match other elements in the bathroom like flooring tiles, wall materials, and so on.


Opt for geometric color bathroom accessories as they come with geometric texture like ribbed texture or tiling. If that does not gel with your style, then opt for bold colors that come in a shade of blue. Blue is a color that syncs with most types of bathrooms due to its soothing look and calming appearance.

In case, you would like your bathroom to sport an upscale look, then opt for chrome color. Highly reflective chrome would be a good choice as they emote a refined texture and sheen.


Accents heighten the appearance of the bathroom. Opt for ornamental accents of which you can find many options. The best ones are those with added textured flowers or complicated borders. They evoke an old world charm of romantic feel that will make your time in bathroom well-spent.


The better the accessories finishes, the more they enliven the charm of the bathroom space.

When it comes to the best finishes, chrome finishes is the best as they are quite durable and also stand up well against corrosion from steam and water. They also sync well with any kind of bathroom space. Besides, chrome is considered to be a versatile color and is known for its enduring brilliance and non-corrosive properties. Additionally, they can pair well with any kind of materials and finishes like satin black or brushed brass to give a luminous feel to the bathroom décor.


Textures like accents give the bathroom that extra bit of charm. When it comes to the best choice, rustic textures go well with most bathroom types. That is because they cover anything with a classic texture to it.  Like a toothbrush holder with a hammered metal look, or wicker tissue box cover. They look great with any kind of rustic or classic or country bathroom styles.

Similarly, if you have marbled bathroom accessories, then any kind of natural textures, especially stone will work for yours’ or any bathroom. Likewise, glass is also a good choice for they can project a sleek feel which makes them great for modern bathroom spaces.

Know Well Your Bathroom Organization


Before you look to buy bathroom accessories, read your bathroom space properly.

It makes no sense to buy big size accessories if your bathroom space is small. You cannot have each accessory sitting atop another accessory. Think about the size of your bathroom and then think about the size of each accessory and where and how they can fit into your bathroom.


You bathroom should sport a clean and hygienic look all the time. To ensure the same, opt for easy-to-clean accessories.

Accessories like bathroom towel hooks or bars are used daily. The more they are used, the more they will wear out and lose some of their vibrancy. The best choices would be easy-to-clean finish or materials like brushed nickel or brushed bronze, or chrome, or satin.


Bathroom is a place where things will get wet at times. Hence, this factor should be taken into account when considering what material your bathroom accessories should be made of.

Go for marble or metal made accessories as they withstand wet water very well and still retain their gloss. On the other hand, accessories made with other materials get ruined even before you can get the full use of them.

Many people often make the mistake of not considering lighting as part of accessories. But then you cannot ignore it completely as they add value to the bathroom and also create a great feel for the bathroom. Hence, choose lighting that best illuminates your bathroom and also raises its look a notch-up.  From pendants to wall sconces, and more, there are options galore; select any of them but make sure they fit in with the size of your bathroom.

In the digital age, you can buy almost anything from the comfort of wherever you are.

Just log into and you can be sure to find the finest of bathroom accessories online in India at NEBCO. Take your time to browse the site and pick your choice comfortably after factoring in all the factors to pick the right bathroom accessories that suits your style.

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