Essential Tips To Modernize Your Bathroom

Essential Tips To Modernize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is among the most private and personal spaces of your home. It is where most of your self-care routine, from hot, relaxing soaks to face masks, takes place. That is why it is all the more important to make it an area you truly enjoy spending time in. What do you do then when your bathroom is due for a fantastic makeover, but for some reason or another, be it time, budget, or lease agreement, you are not able to commit to a full renovation of your bathroom? Well, the good news is that you can update your bathroom without going through a total renovation. A renovated bathroom is likely to add value to your home, make it better adapted to your needs, and update its style. Renovation is the best time to add significant improvements that will serve you for the years to come. If you are investing your money in remodeling your bathroom, you must consider making one or several essential changes to enhance the storage, functionality, and comfort of your space. In this article, we at Nebco, have brought to you a few essential tips to modernize your bathroom.

How To Modernize Your Bathroom?


  • Go For A Hidden-Tank Or Low-Flow Toilet

Toilets that come with hidden tanks in which the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall have ample benefits. They are definitely worth considering, especially if your bathroom is relatively small. This design can save a lot of space. Their sleek, modern look will also fit in with your contemporary bathroom design. Nonetheless, you must know that routine maintenance can be a tad difficult because there is generally no easy access to the tank if the inner fittings need attention.

Moreover, another style you can consider is a low-flow toilet. These models will save water every time you flush. They are an excellent choice as they will not only reduce your water consumption but boost the overall value of your home.

  • Add A Medicine Cabinet In The Corner

Get more storage space while not giving up on a sleek look by installing a medicine cabinet in the corner right above the vanity. The extra wall framing job involved in cornering the cabinet does not cost a lot in the grand scheme of bathroom remodeling. A corner medicine cabinet is particularly useful when your vanity is on the shallower side. Compared to a cabinet projecting out from the wall, it will offer extra space to bend over and use the sink. You will not have to worry about banging your head on the edge of the cabinet anymore.

  • Take Your Bathroom Lighting Up A Notch

When you plan to remodel your bathroom, you should consider changing or adding to your current bathroom lighting to enhance the functionality and mood of the space. One beneficial lighting improvement is a dimmer for the main lights. If you love taking leisurely baths often, you know they are not as much fun in artificial lighting. On the other hand, a dimmer will set the mood just right.

In addition, add recessed fixtures around the mirror to obtain the best lighting possible when you are applying makeup, doing your hair, shaving, or any other thing that requires lots of lighting. Furthermore, make sure you add lighting in the shower instead of around it. You may find your showers to be more pleasant when they are properly lit.

  • Tub Is Not A Necessity

A bathtub is not always necessary, particularly when you never even take baths. Although you might believe that a bathroom with a bathtub offers greater appeal to potential buyers than one with only a shower, it is no longer as true for buyers nowadays. In addition, if you are including another family bathroom that does have a shower and a tub, it does not make sense to install yet another in your primary bathroom. You must consider how you are going to use your bathroom.

  • A Smaller Tub Is Gorgeous

If you have decided to install a bathtub in your bathroom, you should know that bigger ones are not always better. Oversized bathtubs were a trend once. However, bathrooms nowadays feature sleeker-looking tubs. So, unless your personal preference is a large tub, there is absolutely no need to mess up your budget for one. Smaller bathtubs take up less floor space in your bathroom, thereby freeing up room for more storage. They require less water and energy to fill them.

  • Neutral Main Fixtures Are A New Trend

When you are choosing bathroom fixtures and fittings while remodeling, you will come across myriads of choices. You would certainly want to choose the ones you like best. However, the ideal choice would be to stick with neutral options for the main Bathroom and kitchen fittings such as the toilet, sink, tub, and shower. New bathroom trends can fade quickly and you should know that large kitchen and bath fixtures can be costly and difficult to replace if you realize you do not need them anymore. In addition, a bathroom that is dated clearly can affect the resale value of your home. You can always add bolder design flairs with small bathroom accessories and fixtures that are easier to replace whenever you want to update them.

  • Accessories Should Be Chosen Wisely

When you are choosing the finishing touches for your remodeled bathroom, it is essential to make sure they all go together to create a close-knit style. For example, you should try picking out towel bars in metallic finishes that complement your faucets. Try splurging on a little more pricey soap dispenser instead of an old plastic one that will give your space a dingy look against your beautiful stone countertop.

In addition, do not clutter your bathroom with a lot of accessories all at once. Try to manage only the essentials for a while and see what you really need in your space. This way, you will be able to pick up items and accessories strategically that will go perfectly with both your design preferences as well as your lifestyle.

Wrapping Up!

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, we suggest you take a look at the kitchen and bathroom accessories at Nebco. We offer a vast variety of best bathroom fittings in India that would go perfectly with your modern bathroom. We have been catering to our customers for over six decades now and we only offer the best products in the bathroom hardware industry. So, check out our collection of extravagant sanitary and bath fittings and take your bathroom up a notch without digging a hole in your pockets.

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