Buying Floor Drains: A Buyer’S Guide

Wondering why there is a need for floor drain for bathroom? If so, then read on. Your house has a drainage system comprising of two parts – the wastewater pipelines, and the venting or vent pipelines.

The wastewater pipeline carries wastewater away from the bathroom appliances, showers, sinks, and toilets to a sewer line which could be anywhere within your house’s perimeter. On the other hand, the venting pipeline allows the flow of air into the plumbing system. This in turn enables the system to flush out the impurities properly while at the same time, preventing pests like cockroaches, etc, and wastewater gases from entering your home.

Among the drainage system types, floor drain is the most common in a home. Installed on the lowest point in the bathroom or kitchen usually in the center or near the wall, it allows the water to flow down into it and then flow through a series of traps and pipes into the outside sewer main line. This will eliminate the need for building any kind of trenches or piping in your home.

Importance Of Floor Drain For Bathroom

No modern house can exist without a floor drain for bathroom. Floor drain refers to a filter in the water drain that is the destination for the entry of wastewater from the bathroom or toilet into the sewer pipe. It filters out impurities of all kinds from plastic to hair, dirt, garbage, and other kinds of waste, thereby preventing them from entering the drainage hole into your house.

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Floor Drain Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to buy a floor drain for bathroom, here are some tips that can guide you on the right track.

Bathroom’S Architecture

Modern architecture along with upgraded techniques and technologies has revolutionized the functioning and look of bathrooms.

Hence, the first thing you need to be clear about is your bathroom architecture. The design, size, and other factors relating to a floor drain are dependent on the bathroom’s architecture.

To select the right floor drain for bathroom, take into the consideration the following.

  • Layout of the bathroom. A floor drain’s installation will be different for different kinds of bathrooms. While some installation will require compression piping solutions, others can be installed easily on fiberglass.
  • Material in the bathroom. Like materials for flooring or countertop sinks. A good example of material is anti-slip flooring tiles; developed with a coating they protect bathroom users from the risk of slipping; and maintain a high level of friction even when the floor is wet or slippery.

The above two play a key role in the bathroom’s architecture. So, when you buy floor drain for bathroom, make sure to select the right design, size, and material for your floor drain. This will help to make the installation process easy and prevent future issues.

Floor drain

Water Flow Rate

The flow rate of water from the taps and shower in the bathroom should not be ignored under any circumstances as they affect the viability of the floor, and bathroom as well. Hence

  • Check the flow rate of the water from the shower, and taps.
  • Determine the maximum flow rate of the water when they are in operation.

Based on the inputs gathered, you can easily select the best floor drain for bathroom with the right design and spacing; and ability to absorb excess of water without obstructing normal water flow in any way. If the flow rate of the water in your bathroom is very high, you should opt for a floor drain with bigger holes. This will allow the water to pass through the drain smoothly. In case, you ignore this aspect, then the floor drain will restrict the flow of water in your bathroom. As a result of this, excess water will get collected in a corner of the bathroom and stagnate.

Bathroom’s Sloping Angle

The floor level of your bathroom, angled or straight, is another critical factor. Carefully study your bathroom floor space and water flow rate. This will help you to know the exact floor level of your bathroom. While a round or square floor drain will direct the flow of water to one corner of the bathroom; a linear floor drain will give you the option of directing the flow of water to a particular wall or corner of your bathroom.

Floor Drain

There are varied types of floor drain in the market in varied shapes and designs, from square floor drain to round floor drain, linear floor drain, and more. Opt for a simple design floor drain with maximum utility benefits. They allow for free and smooth flow of water sans obstructions of any kind. Floor drains with complicated designs can obstruct the flow of water in your bathroom resulting in water blockage in one corner of the bathroom.

square floor drain

Shape And Size

The shape and size of the floor drain is divided into two categories – Sheet and Mangkokan. When compared to Sheet floor drain, Mangkokan has strong water absorption rate and is also much safer to use. Additionally, its maintenance as well is much easier.

Ease Of Opening & Closure

The floor drain must be easy to open and clean. This will make the clean-up chore hassle-free and ensure that your bathroom is clean and odor-free. Hence, make sure that the floor drain you select is easy to open and close. This will help you to clean it easily and then close it easily sans hassles. More importantly, it will make your bathroom smell nice.

Size Of Floor Drain Hole

The size of floor drain hole must not be ignored. Today’s floor drains come with a variety of filter-hole sizes. When you look to select the best from among them, take into consideration the floor drain hole of your bathroom. This will give you an indication of its size. At times, this can be difficult. In such a scenario, the best option would be to select a small size floor drain hole with a lot of filter holes. This will help to filter out the dirt or trash on the floor drain effectively.

shower drainer


Like all components and accessories, floor drain too requires frequent maintenance. It needs to be cleaned and maintained in top condition. This will entail extra costs. Hence, it is important to select a floor drain for bathroom that requires low maintenance. A low-maintenance floor drain will make it easy for you to clean and maintain it in good condition, and keep it foul-free.

It will also help to

  • Keep your maintenance and upkeep costs low, well within your budget.
  • Prevent clogging of the floor drain. ELSE, unclogging of floor drain and cleaning the showers consumes a lot of time and efforts.
  • Facilitate smooth flow of water sans obstructions of any kind. This will help to keep your bathroom clean and neat, sans foul smell and odor of any kind.

In terms of low-maintenance, a round floor drain or square floor drain for bathroom will make for the best choice.

Aside from the above, ensure that the floor drain for bathroom you select, comes with a

  • Ball in it. This makes for a safe choice as it can prevent small insects like cockroaches, etc, and animals like rats from entering your bathroom area through the drain pipe. At the same time, it will ensure the free flow of water through the channel.
  • Two-tier filter. This will help to facilitate easy filtering of garbage and other effluents like dirt. When one filter, that is, first-level filter, is not able to collect dirt and filter it out, the second-tier filter will filter it out and accommodate it.

Finally, ensure your selection of floor drain for bathroom is from a reputed source like NEBCO, the best bathroom and kitchen fittings brand in India. You can stay assured it will be of a top quality; extremely durable and sturdy; and easy to maintain. This will help you to save on costs in the long run as there will be no need for replacement at a later date nor maintenance will be needed frequently.

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