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Affordable Decorating Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

Invigorating your bathroom does not always require you to fork out a lot of money. Simple yet elegant decorating tips and tricks can easily enliven your bathroom while being pocket-friendly. Whether you swap out the hardware on your vanity, bring nature indoors with small houseplants, or create a gallery wall that reflects your personality, basic cosmetic changes can make it possible to update your bathroom on a budget. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or add new bathroom fittings, purchasing directly from the manufacturer would make sure of the quality and luxurious products in your budget. Nevertheless, people are usually skeptical about buying sanitaryware and bath fittings online due to various reasons such as size, quality, prices, etc. Contrarily, buying bath accessories online from the best bath fitting brand in India such as Nebco can certainly prove to be the most beneficial for customers on a budget. In this blog, we, at Nebco, will share several tips and tricks to make your bathroom state-of-the-art by adding different features to it.

Bathroom Decorating Tips For A Modern Bathroom


  • Add A Splash Of Color

You will be amazed at what a new coat of paint can do to upgrade a bathroom. For the ceiling and walls, you may want to put your money into a mold and mildew-proof paint and primers that are a little more expensive as opposed to basic formulas, however, you will not need more than 4 liters to cover an average-sized bathroom. In fact, the extra cost builds in extra protection for a moisture-prone bathroom. You can cover any dingy surfaces including window trim, baseboard molding, and scuffed cabinetry. You must also consider updating worn-out fixtures with paint. By using the right products such as our range of bath accessories, you can certainly refresh your medicine cabinet or refinish a cast-iron tub. Use frosted-glass-effect spray paint to add more privacy to your windows, or give your dated vanity a new look by painting its base. You can even update floors with paint. Simply stencil a pattern on vinyl floorings as long as you rough up the surface first and seal it when you are done. 

  • Replace Old Sanitaryware

Your bathroom comprises a lot of sanitaryware as well as hardware including towel bars, cabinet knobs, toilet flush handles, and sink faucets. Dedicate a portion of your budget to upgrade these items. New sanitaryware and bath fittings can add plenty of sparkle to your bathroom. You can banish outdated decor by simply switching yellow polished brass out for oil-rubbed bronze, matte brass, or traditional brushed nickel. You can also upgrade the feel, look, and function of the bath accessories by changing the out-builder basics for pieces with more style, heft, and personality. These items are enough to elevate an ordinary bathroom into something special just like jewelry dresses up an outfit.

  • Commit To White Fixtures

In order to control your expenses in remodeling your bathroom, choose neutral fixtures and finishes. Basic white fixtures such as tubs, toilets, and sinks are at the low end of the price spectrum. You can save quite a bit by also choosing a white tub surround, white tile for the floor, or backsplash. This does not imply that your room has to be monotonous. If you commit to plain white field tile, you will be able to splurge on a glass mosaic border. Choose pocket-friendly accents like colorful window shades, vibrant shower curtains, bright towels, bold artwork, and fresh wall paint to bring life to the neutral backdrop.

  • Switch The Lighting

An underestimated way of getting a luxe look in your bathroom is to change the lighting- both the placement as well as the fixtures themselves. This switch does not necessarily need to be expensive. You can hang a small chandelier with crystal drops over your vanity for a sophisticated focal point, or replace harsh bulb strips around the mirror with sleek sconces for an instant upgrade. Putting can lights in the ceiling that you can dim with a controllable switch will create a feeling of calmness for those long baths in the tub.

  • Add A Rug Or Window Treatment

Even the smallest details can make the biggest difference sometimes. Soften the hard edges common in bathrooms with soft rugs. Outfit the bathroom window with an easy window treatment. You can choose a window treatment that blocks light and look for materials that stand up to moisture if you are renovating your bathroom with a bathroom shower or tub. As an alternative, choose a mix of patterns with a rug and a bold shower curtain.

  • Put Removable Wallpaper

Decorating your bathroom with removable wallpaper is actually quite simple. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to achieve pattern as well as color. In addition, it will make it easier to switch up your bathroom when you get bored with the design. Choose heat-and-moisture-resistant varieties in order to prevent mildew and peeling. Simply apply peel-and-stick wallpaper to a single wall for a classy accent or go all in and apply it in the entire bathroom that will be brimming with personality.

  • Add Plants

At times, all your bathroom needs is a basic update. Adding houseplants is a simple and affordable way to freshen up your bathroom. Whether you add different succulents to your windowsill, a vase of flowers on your vanity, or a large snake plant on the floor, plants are sure to add color and texture to your bathroom. In addition, they will bring the calming quality of nature indoors.


End Note

There are a lot of ways to decorate your bathroom elegantly without spending too much. At Nebco, we offer world-class affordable sanitary and bath fittings such as telephonic showers, towel rods, wall mixer legs, and faucets, to name a few. Check out our collection of bath accessories and revamp your bathroom today!

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